The Canals Of Mars

The ancient “Canals of Mars,” a concept originally attributed to astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli’s observations in the 19th century, have been given new life in this future Martian setting.

Man-Made Canals

These are immense structures, a testament to the engineering prowess of the early settlers. They are primarily the work of the Neo-Romans, reflecting their ancestors’ legacy back on Earth. Snaking their way across the Martian landscape, these wide waterways connect the major cities, oceans, and resource hubs. They serve as crucial trade routes, arteries that pump life into the Martian economy.

Some of the canals are lined with reinforced concrete and Martian steel, while others are dug directly into the Martian soil and rely on forcefields to prevent erosion. Locks and gates control the flow of water, and bridges span across them at regular intervals.

Despite the current state of disrepair, the canals continue to be a lifeline for the settlers, allowing for the transport of goods and people. However, they are also strategic points and often become contested territories during conflicts.

Natural Canals

With the return of liquid water to Mars, natural canals have formed in the lower-lying areas of the planet. These are often rugged and unpredictable, prone to flash floods during the Martian storm season. They have carved their way through the landscape, creating valleys and gorges. Some have even revealed previously hidden entrances to subterranean areas, opening up new territories for exploration.

Canal Cities

Many cities and settlements have sprung up along the banks of the canals, benefiting from the easy access to water and trade routes. These settlements range from sprawling metropolises to small frontier towns. Some are built on the banks, with buildings rising dramatically from the edge of the water, while others are built on stilts or float directly on the canals.

In the world of the RPG, the canals serve multiple purposes. They can be routes for exploration, the locations for pitched battles, or the heart of bustling cities. They are a symbol of Mars’ past and present, a blend of human ambition and nature’s power.

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