I Spill Your Blood On Olympus Mons!

Are you ready to tread on a world sculpted by both the dreams and hubris of a bygone civilization? Are you prepared to face the unfathomable challenges and mysteries of a war-torn Mars? Gear up, brave explorers; 23 Ravens is thrilled to unveil its latest tabletop RPG epic: “I Spill Your Blood On Olympus Mons”.

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Set against the backdrop of the red planet, hundreds of years after a grand but now half-forgotten terraforming effort, the game plunges you into a world of high adventure, brutal conflict, and gritty survival. Mars teems with a medley of races, each striving to stake their claim and survive amidst the fading glory of a civilization on the brink of collapse.

Unearth the rich history of the Neo-Romans, a proud and resilient race whose grandeur mirrors that of the ancients back on Earth. Encounter the industrious and adaptable Formicans, a humanoid insect race initially brought for terraforming, now a force of their own. Discover the enigmatic Silicoids, the resilient Mycelians, and the mystifying Plasmorphs, each race adding to the symphony of life that battles against the harsh Martian environment.

Our game takes you from the impressive iron-red sea to the chilling ice sea, from the hydrocarbon lakes that bubble with a life of their own to the fascinating web of canals, man-made and natural. You’ll journey through bustling canal cities and lonely frontier towns, face the challenges of weather instabilities, and uncover secrets buried deep within the Martian soil.

This future Mars is a canvas painted with lost knowledge, ancient technology that borders on magic, and political intrigue. You’ll navigate through intense faction rivalries, negotiate shaky alliances, and encounter unique Martian flora and fauna. You’ll wrestle with the moral complexity of a society where freedom is not a guaranteed right, but something to be won with sweat, blood, and perhaps a bit of luck.

“I Spill Your Blood On Olympus Mons” employs a rules-lite, narrative-focused system that puts storytelling at its heart. Whether you’re resolving conflicts, shaping your character, or just interacting with the world, the game mechanics facilitate and enhance your narrative experience rather than bog it down.

More than just a game, this is a chance for you and your friends to be a part of Mars’ living history, to influence its present and shape its future. And remember, in this brutal and beautiful world, it’s not just about surviving – it’s about carving out a life worth living.

Stay tuned to our blog as we reveal more about the game in the coming weeks. Prepare to set foot on the red sands of Mars, where the only limit to the adventure is your imagination. “I Spill Your Blood On Olympus Mons” is coming – are you ready to brave the storm?

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